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Astra's commitment to strengthening the digital ecosystem is demonstrated by the presence of various digitalization initiatives, including the digital innovation competition 'Astranauts' and the Astra Startup Acceleration Program, 'Astra InnovLab'. As a continuing program of Astranauts, selected Astranauts participants will have the opportunity to join the Astra Innovation Lab Batch 1.

About Astra InnovLab

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Astra InnovLab is an intensive 12-week acceleration program to support early-stage startups (pre-seed and seed startups) in developing their products. Through Astra InnovLab, startups will gain knowledge and assistance from industry experts. Startups will also be prepared to collaborate with Astra to build Indonesia with brilliant innovations.

Astra InnovLab Batch 1 is exclusively for selected Astranauts participants. For 12 weeks, the program will take place in a hybrid manner, both online and offline at the Head Office of Astra International, Jakarta.


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Various benefits are offered through the Astra Innovation Lab program.

Access to the Astra Ecosystem 

Startups can get access to get to know and engage directly with Astra business units to support their product development

Quality Development Program

Astra InnovLab fosters startup development through mentorship programs, coaching clinics, workshops, Expert Talks, and connections to global partners.

Funding and Collaboration Opportunities

An opportunity to present products that have been developed, acquire funding, and collaborate further with the Astra group.


During the program, startups will receive facilities and participate in various activities as follows:

Working Space

Startups have the opportunity to work directly at the Astra office during the 12 weeks of the program.


The routine discussion process for the development of startup products will be accompanied by mentors intensively in the form of 1on1 mentorship.

Coaching Clinic

Consultation sessions with coaches from Astra regarding specific topics to further improve and sharpen startup products.

Workshop & Expert Talks

Intensive classes and sharing insights to encourage product development, digital talent capabilities, and business strategy development.

Demo Day

A chance to present startup products to get funding and opportunities for further collaboration.

Startup Criteria

Astra Innovation Lab is intended for early-stage startups with the following criteria:


The startup product idea is in line with the theme presented by Astra InnovLab.


At least have MVP (Minimum Viable Product).


Demonstrate traction (operation and financial key metrics) for at least the last 3-6 months.


Show projections/images of business growth from the products developed.


Looking for funding (pre-seed to seed) or the opportunity to collaborate with Astra.

2022 Theme

Astra Innovation Lab Batch 1 (2022) will present the theme:

Future of Auto & Transport

Acceleration of technology, such as automatic vehicles (autonomous) and electric vehicles (electric vehicles).

Financial Digitalization

Various digital solutions to enhance customers' financial experience.

Industry 4.0 & Technology

The utilization of big data, AI, and metaverse which can improve the efficiency of daily work.

Impact & Sustainability

Innovation to solve environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) challenges.


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Ricky Tjok

Head of Astra Venture Builder

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Head of Astra Digital Ventures

Default avatar
Kemas Henry Kurniawan

Head of Astra Digital

Default avatar
Angga Prastyo

Department Head of Astra Venture Builder

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Agustinus Ari Ismoyo

Department Head of Astra Digital Ventures




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Aditya Randi Pratama


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Zaki Abdurrasyid

Managing Partner

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Marsya Sungkar

Digital Marketing Strategist

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Krisanto Pramudityo

Digital Advertising Strategist

Default avatar
Dara Prayoga

Senior Brand Specialist

Default avatar
Wolfgang Xemandros 

Brand Specialist

Default avatar

Product Owner of MOVIC

Default avatar
Hatta Afkar

Product Owner of Cari Parkir

Default avatar
Punia Nathania

Legal Senior Analyst

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Legal Analyst

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Stezar Priansya

Data Architect

Default avatar
Achyar Ulul Amri

Data Scientist

Default avatar

Head of ERM & Insurance

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Fransisca Olivia

Lead Risk Analyst